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New Jersey Association School Resourcer Officer
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The New Jersey Association of School Resource Officers cordially invites all current members to join our online e-group designed specifically for New Jersey School Resource Officers, Educators and school safety professionals.  This technology will allow hundreds of NJASRO members to share ideas, concepts, training tips and suggestions with other professionals in the field.  The E-group will also post regional workshops, seminars, symposiums and summits that may interest our e-group members.  This service is included with your membership and is designed to bring together a common voice advocating for school and community safety issues. 

Access and use of the E-Group is a privilege and not a right of any member of NJASRO. The owner of the group maintains the right to deny access and or remove a group member or posting at anytime. All posts will be monitored. 

We look forward to having each of you join and begin this informative idea sharing process.  

If you are a member but not signed up for the listserv, please email njasro@gmail.com. If you are not a member and would like to join, please go to our membership page for more information.




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